Christian Video Games

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Christian Video Games

The world of video games is not something that is typically thought of when you think of religion, faith, or Jesus Christ. However I’ve been thinking more and more on the Christian engagement of video games, particularly, in church and outreach settings. I’m convinced that most games have the potential to be ‘Christian Video Games’. What I mean by this is; I believe that video games, should work for God and towards God, they can and should be used to teach Christian beliefs and fundamentals. Popular secular games like FIFA and Minecraft, can all be used to point towards God and highlight themes like diversity, fellowship, dominion of the earth and so much more. Games like Journey inspire a sense of awe with its beautiful landscapes and language-less imagery, which media psychologist Courtney Garcia says is similar to what people feel when they step into huge cathedrals.  

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(screenshot, Journey)

Video games can and should be used in christian ministry, not just in youth ministry. This should go beyond simply having a gaming counsel in the church youth group. These ‘Christian Video Games’ offer a new way to facilitate a bible study, and get people engaged with the bible in a new way.  Video games are powerful pedagogical tools that we should use to our advantage. 

More recently organisations like Digital School House in the UK are collaborating with public schools, teaching students how to game design as well as showcasing careers in esports. These career aspirations are becoming more common among young people and represent a societal and cultural shift that lean heavily towards a future where video games are more relevant and a necessity.

(What is Digital SchoolHouse?)

Video games have been used in formal school settings for quite a while to teach subjects such as maths, science, history, typing, and others. I remember when I was in elementary school, I learned how to touch-type by playing a Super Mario typing game. It was fun, engaging, and I was eager to learn – through play. The result of that learning experience, is that I actually did learn how to type and Im good at typing. This is the type of learning experience Discover God hopes to inspire in younger generations when learning about Jesus. Which is fundamental to the future of the Church.

Mario Teaches Typing game at

(Super Mario Teaches Typing 1&2)

Its time Christians begin to invest in the future of the Church, through engaging with video games. The Church has historically used the latest technology for mission. The Apostle Paul used papyrus and ink to write letters to the early church, Martin Luther benefited from the printing press spreading his ideas, and during COVID-19 most church services migrated online and premiered on facebook. Video games are simply the natural progression of that tradition. Video games can have a multi-dimensional purpose in church and outreach settings. They can be a great way to; Evangelise, Disciple, Teach, and Preach, as well as holding church services such as VR Church.

At Discover God we encourage the Christian engagement with video games. We offer our unique experience, insights, and resources to help you use video games mindfully, and effectively in church settings. Sign up to our online learning hub where you will be granted access to our teaching and training videos on video games including; ’Christian Ministry and Video Games’. Where you will be given practical advice on how to incorporate videos games in your youth ministry. Discover God will soon offer a new resource; the ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ Bundle Pack which pairs the award winning Christian video Game ‘TDC’ with our session plans and training, to help you effectively deliver successful sessions to your church. This is a new, fun, exciting way to engage with video games that young people in Church will love. Its time to invest in the future.

(That Dragon, Cancer – Official Release Trailer)


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