Hello From George, founder & CEO of Discover God!

My name is George, Im the founder and CEO of Discover God. I’d like to first and foremost welcome you to Discover God. It is a place where we hope to inspire the imaginations of people who already and not yet, love, video games and God. About 4 years ago, I was introduced to a game called ‘That Dragon Cancer’ and immediately I was amazed at the feelings, emotions, I felt and the reflective thoughts I had when I played that game, it was unlike any other video game I had played before (http://www.thatdragoncancer.com). As a Christian, at Bible College, I felt inspired to create a video game about Jesus Christ, similar to TDC. I contacted Numinous Games, the developers of TDC and not long after we agreed to begin work on a video game about Jesus. The only problem was, I had no money. Well, I actually did have some money, but not video game money. I began to use up all my savings and quickly realised I needed funding. I founded the charity, then the LLC and the following 2 years were full of failed funding applications and failed investment pitches, I hit a brick wall.

Fortunately, during that time, I got to travel to Singapore, to learn more about Digital Theology, I went to India for business meetings, I went to South Africa because of my work and insights on Christianity and video games and so those years were not complete failures. I also got married to my wonderful wife Katy and we had a son, Hunter.

Breakthrough happened when I was approved to begin The Lions, a christian entrepreneurial business training programme (https://thelions.org.uk). Things began to change. I was amongst like-minded people, other entrepreneurs. Other people who had their own crazy ideas and needed help getting the business elements off the ground, we encouraged each other, fed each other. 18 months of training and relationship building later, I was approved to get onto the second year of the programme with much more additional support and funding and we are inching closer to the game being released. 

The path of an entrepreneur is not easy, its not for everyone. I have sacrificed a lot, and so has my family, and it has also been a blessing to me, and my family. Im fortunate enough to have not only a wife, but family and friends who have caught my vision and have joined me in this journey, this is as much theirs as it is mine. I would encourage any budding entrepreneur or any person with a vision for innovative ministry, to look up the lions, or a programme similar to the lions. To simply be part of a supportive community and  receive advice from people who have been there before. Here we are now, still chasing the dream, much more defined, much more thought out, my vision for a video game about Jesus Christ has grown and evolved. Into a global organisation with a mission to introduce the gospel through video games to all generations, through outreach, religious education, and church ministries.

Thank you for visiting Discover God where you will experience the Bible like never before, are you ready?


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